Course Outline

Introduction to Insurtech

  • Impact on the industry
  • Winners and losers

Assessing the current state of your company

Technical innovations applied to the insurance sector

  • Big Data, Blockchain, AI, Robotics, IoT, JIT, Security

Mapping your company's current state and determining where you should be six months from now

Case study and exercise:

  • Carrying out a readiness assessment

Big Data: putting your biggest asset to work

  • Basic concepts and applications
  • Implementing a Big Data strategy
    • Building the team
    • Leveraging your assets and building from there

Blockchain: putting the digital ledger to work for your organization

  • Demystifying the Blockchain
  • Lessons from the financial sector
  • Implementing a Blockchain strategy
    • Building the team
    • Mapping your transactions to the blockchain

AI: Introduction to artificial intelligence

  • Machine learning, natural language processing (text and speech), computer vision and robotics
  • The role of corporate and open source contributions to AI research and development
  • Tapping into available resources

Robotics and automation: hiring robots to work for you

  • Automation vs Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Implementing an RPA strategy
    • Outsourcing vs building

IoT: Creating new business models based on IoT-enabled platforms and ecosystems

  • Five ways IoT will transform the insurance industry
  • Remodeling insurance policies to reflect the health and state of people and things
    • Building the team

JIT: Putting Just-In-Time marketing to work in insurance

  • JIT lessons from the manufacturing to creative services sector
  • Implementing the processes and tools for JIT
    • Building the team

Online security: security for insurance

  • Revisiting traditional definitions of cyber-security
  • Implementing a compliance plan and training the business leaders
    • Building the team

Bringing it all together

  • No "one-size-fits-all" and no "all-or-nothing"
  • Taking the first step

Communicating hard things

  • Conversations with managers and leaders
  • Conversations with techies and data crunchers

Closing remarks


  • Knowledge of the insurance sector, its systems and processes
  • An interest in learning how Insurtech is shaping the competitive landscape in the insurance sector
  • An interest in learning how to adopt new technologies and methodologies in step-by-step fashion
 14 Hours

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