Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to GIS

Module 2: Introduction to ArcGIS pro

Module 3: Exploring Spatial Relationships - includes joins/merges/intersects

Module 4: Creating and Editing Data

Module 5: Symbology in ArcGIS Pro

Module 6: Exploring Map Layouts

Module 7: Analysis of multiple different types of datasets from different sources

Module 8: Overview/ understand of different types of geospatial files

Module 9: ArcGIS Pro basics: finding your way around the new interface

Module 10: Using the ribbon and tool bars to find the right tool

Module 11: Displaying data in ArcGIS Pro: Add data and updating layer symbology

Module 12: Data Management: Creating your own projects and data for use in ArcGIS Pro

Module 13: Editing tools: Using the Edit ribbon to add, remove and modify your features in ArcGIS Pro

Module 14: Understanding 3D: Accessing the 3D options within ArcGIS Pro to view and explore layers in a 3D environment.



*ArcGIS is a trademark, service mark, and registered mark of Esri in the United States, EU, and other international jurisdictions. Esri has not reviewed this training course for completeness, accuracy, or quality, and as such, does not endorse, sponsor, or affiliate with this training course.

 14 Hours

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