Course Outline


  • RPA's role in Business Process Automation

Overview of Automation Anywhere vs other RPA tools and technologies

  • OpenSpan
  • UIPath
  • Blue Prism

Business use cases for RPA

  • Case study and discussion
  • How humans should interact with software bots and vice versa

Designing a Robotic Process Automation plan

  • Understanding and documenting tasks and workflows
  • Estimating the ROI for deploying RPA

Installing and configuring Automation Anywhere

  • Setting up the database
  • Configuring with Control Room

Overview of Automation Anywhere architecture and interface

  • Understanding the Dashboard, Control Room, Task Editor, etc.

Creating a software bot

  • A simple screen recording software bot
  • A simple web recording software bot

Using the software bot to automate Excel processes

  • Reading, writing, and processing tasks

Connecting to a database with the software bot

  • Accessing and manipulating data

Using a software bot to automate email tasks

  • Reading, writing and sending emails

Extending a software bot's capabilities

  • Writing complex instructions and conditions
  • Accessing a file system and logging tasks
  • Image recognition

Integrating software bots with other applications and services

  • Soap web services
  • Rest web services


  • Handling exceptions during execution

Securing Automation Anywhere

  • PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

Deploying Automation Anywhere software bots

  • Limiting the scale of the initial rollout

Monitoring the performance of a "virtual workforce"

  • Identifying and resolving incorrect behavior

Scaling the software bot workforce

  • Software, hardware and human factors in extending the reach of the robotic workforce

Closing remarks


  • An understanding of general automation concepts
  • A basic understanding of programming concepts


  • Persons in charge of streamlining or optimizing business processes
  • Managers with technical skills
  • Developers and engineers
 28 Hours

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